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To learn more about how polymer columns can perform for you, visit or call toll free 1-888-525-2123. The power of polymeric columns © 2014 Hamilton Company. All rights reserved. Images Copyright Rangizzz and Carolina K. Smith, M.D., 2014 Used under license from Advantages of polymer over silica Polymer HPLC columns have a lot of benefi ts. They don't require any functionalization for reversed-phase separations, and rigid polymeric supports intrinsically resist chemical and pH degradation, a fundamental problem with silica columns. Plus, polymer's inertness to most chemical environments makes it a robust and economical solution. Hamilton offers a line of pH stable polymer HPLC columns for reversed phase, anion exchange, cation exchange and ion exclusion separations perfect for pharmaceuticals, small molecules, proteins, peptides, DNA, organic and inorganic ions and more. pH range of 1–13 Widest chemical compatibility Temperatures higher than 60 °C Maximum sample recovery Longest average life span Download Application Note

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